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Angelo e Antonio Donatiello


For every needs an e-mail support is available, simply writing to support (at) When possibile we reply within 24 hours.

Please use english or italian language even if you are using a version of Pimmy translated in a different language. In the future maybe we will be able to reply to e-mails in other languages, please check our web site for additional contacts. To report "translation" problems please write the sentences with mistakes, your corrected form and a short remark in english; we will forward them to our translator.

In the main window a command is available in the Help menu which opens a standard message which can be used to write to Geminisoft. Some details on system are automatically included in message body (Pimmy version, Windows and system component versions) to help problem solving.

If activity log file "pimmy.log" is present Pimmy asks whether to attach it to the message. To enable activity log use "Main -> Tools -> Options" menu.

Before asking for support, please read documentation and the following notes; please also check our site for any update.


  1. Pimmy only manages attachments coded using Mime/Base64; UUENCODE attachments are not managed (these are generally used in newsgroups).
  2. Pimmy sends messages coding the text at 8 bits; the "quoted-printable" method is used only during message composition when saved in a folder. If it is needed to send a message in quoted-printable save it in a folder and then move from that folder to the outgoing mail folder.
  3. Pimmy is able to show a preview of a limited part of HTML messages, but provides the complete HTML file as an attachment. However any images contained in the HTML message will not be available even opening the HTML file. They will be available as different files.
  4. Pimmy manages message attached to another message by showing them as attachments; they may be opened either using Pimmy or an external mail program.
  5. Pimmy can open all these kind of messages using an external program.
  6. Pimmy does not support "drag & drop" operations from the attachments list to a Windows folder. To save attachments please use the "Save" command.
  7. Pimmy is able to register itself as a Windows mail and newsgroup program. On Windows Vista/NT/2000/2003/XP to register Pimmy it is necessary to have "administrator" privileges.