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Angelo e Antonio Donatiello


Pictures of this page are from Geminisoft Pimmy 4.0 beta 1 running on Windows XP. On other versions of Windows the look is slightly different. They refer to the Italian version but Pimmy has been already fully translated to English.

Pimmy main window

Main window

Inside borders are smaller.

Some toolbar buttons can open one menu with related commands (press small black arrow).

Second mailbox is an IMAP mailbox. You can operate onilne and offline, download messages, filter, delete, etc.

Below you see the RSS icon for RSS and ATOM news channels. You can use all Pimmy online and offline features on RSS channels.

At the bottom of the window you see the new status bar that displays details on selected mailbox.

The N. column no longer displays server message count but messages in the cache message and unread messages.

The status column also displays the number of messages to be downloaded. More details about operations in progress are displayed such as speed and percentage of message downloading and sending.

Message list window

Here layout changes are more evident. The change we cannot show is the speed up of list refresh even if thread grouping is activated and with thousands messages (10,000 messages in 2-3 seconds).

Most evident change (and most requested) is read / unread messages management. The bold is used to display unread messages. Pimmy 4 preserve read / unread attribute for all sources (mailboxes, newsgroups, RSS channels, folders) even if used online.

If thread grouping is activated closed tree branches displays within [ ] the thread message count.

You can see the absence of toolbar at the middle of the window. The toolbar at the top of the window includes now buttons for these commands: copy, move, disable message preview, show details and enable fixed font.

The toolbar also has some buttons merged together such as that for forwarding and for thread grouping.

Also in this window some toolbar buttons can open one menu with related commands.

Byte column displays message size in byte, KB or MB depending on size.

At the bottom of the window the new status bar displays information about message list, about selected message or selected messages.

Message list window detail
Message list window

Message window

You can keep some panels closed to reduce confusion.

The attachment panel is closed by default and keeps it closed if there is only one recipient. It automatically opens and closes.

The recipient panel is usually closed and automatically opens with two or more recipients. It can also be opened by clicking the + button or pressing ENTER after writing one recipient.

The attachment panel is full automatic and opens in presence of attachments.

The option panel is closed by default and can be opened by clicking the + button.

The tree panels can be kept opened using the View menu to have the window as in the image below.

Message window
Message window with open panels

RSS channels

One of the biggest new feature of Pimmy 4 is the support to RSS and ATOM channels, managed in the same way of standard messages.

To the right you see news from CNN.

In the message preview Pimmy shows the text and a link to the news item.

The full HTML text is available as an attachment.

RSS channel window