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Angelo e Antonio Donatiello
Pimmy News 1.1
World news on your Windows Phone

Update: June, 2012

Real-time news from newspapers, magazines and blogs around the world.

News sharing on social networks, mail and sms.

Available on Windows Phone Marketplace.


Available in Italian and English

11/29/2012Pimmy - Version 4.4
6/7/2012Pimmy News for Windows Phone - Version 1.1
5/6/2012Pimmy News for Windows Phone
1/10/2012Geminisoft Srl is born
5/25/2010Pimmy - Version 4.3
2/17/2008Scrinium - Version 1.0.1
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Pimmy 4.4
Always with you!

Update: November, 2012

Mail, newsgroup and RSS always with you!

What's new
HTML support, IMAP online search and Web Proxy Geminisoft

Do you have a license for Pimmy 4.0, 4.1, 4.2 or 4.3?
Upgrade is free for you!

  • Pimmy is a portable mailreader that follows you on your USB pendrive, it's only 1,250 KBytes
  • Manages your mail on  POP3 and IMAP4  mailboxes
  • Manages mail in plain text and HTML
  • It uses secure connections (SSL) to access mailboxes, for example GMail by Google (tm) [Google is a trademark of Google Inc.]
  • It is a portable newsreader that manages your newsgroups with a tree view
  • It is a portable RSS feeder that keeps yourself informed with RSS and ATOM channels
  • Compress and expand ZIP attachments
  • Downloads contemporaneously  from all servers 
  • Deletes spamming and virus without downloading messages
  • Works online and offline  thanks to a sophisticated cache 
  • Filters e-mails, newsgroup messages and RSS channels 

Find out all the features of Pimmy, try & buy it, price is only 9.95$ *
* VAT not included (required for European Union private customers only)

Available in Italian and English

Scrinium 1.0.1
Your files in safe, anywhere!

Update: February, 2008

Simple, fast, encrypted backup of your files, also on the Web.

This version solves some problems regarding CD recording.

  • backup of files, documents and folders to CD [*], external disks and to Web servers [**] even contemporaneously 
  • recover  of single files and documents, single folders full backup
  • data protection with  encrypted and digital signature using 2048 bit keys; nobody (even Geminisoft) may decrypt or change the files 
  • data compression and process of changed files only for fast and smaller backups
  • automatic mode to be used with Windows Scheduled Tasks
  • multiple disk backup (spanning)

[*] The writing to CD feature is only available on computers with Windows Vista, Windows XP or Windows Server 2003.
[**] The Web server backup service is currently in beta testing and may be freely used for 30 days. The cost of the final service will be defined in the near future.

Find out all the features of Scrinium, try & buy it, price is only 9.95$ *
* VAT not included (required for European Union private customers only)

Available in Italian and English